Is there a way to duplicate/copy all the settings to a new (factory) Digi Transport unit?

I have a fully setup and running WR11 and I would like to copy-out all the configuration settings to new (factory default) units, instead of having to program/setup each one of them manually. What files do I need to copy, or how can this be accomplished (for use in a production environment)?


If you are not using encrypted passwords and the devices are the same model then just backup all the settings and restore on the new device.

if your intrested in the files to transfer using FTP then you wnat

Config.dao -> main configuration file
pwds.da0 -> Passwords File

there are others but as this is a wr11 your not intrested in

Sregs.dat -> serial settings

you have another way if you want to set the firmware as well as settings

you can extract an ALL file from the working router using flashwriter then you can use this all file and flashwriter on the new file also you can transfer a ALL file using FTP this will flatten the router and load the files from the ALL file

hope that helps



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