Is there a way to switch XBP24 to bypass mode remotely?

I have similar situation as decribed here:

Coordinator is connected to PC via USB-UART and there is no trouble with switching it to bypass mode.

But the second node (Router) is connected to some device via UART. This device cannot send ‘B’ char.

XBee manual says: “The bootloader accepts commands from both the local UART and OTA. All OTA commands sent must be Unicast with only 1 byte in the payload for each command.”

But: “Bypass mode - “B”… Note that this
command is unavailable when module is accessed remotely”.

Question is whether exists a way to switch Router to bypass mode via ZigBee connection? Which frame type should I use for it?

Unfortunately, its not possible to bypass MCU on pxbee remotely. However, I can think of two option to resolve this issue.

  1. Load a program on MCU of module which does this job for you. One such sample program is available in Code Warrior.

  2. Get a new non-programmable module :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Killer32 is entirely correct. Thoughts are your only options.