Is there any Micropython SDI serial software ?

I’m Trying to read an SDI-12 sensor directly pluged to the Xbee 3 module, the machine.UART is only for the Xbee Cellular module, so i need an SDI serial software solution

Not that I am aware of.

May be you could have a look at the following

it is a micropython implementation of SDI12 developed for ESP32 based microcontrollers. Though it requires that the SDI12 sensor is communicating over RS485.

I understand that it does not directly solves your issue though you might be able to take parts of the code to ease your development.

Thanks for Relying,
That works only for the Xbee3 Cellular Module, But i’m looking for a solution to run the SDI on the Xbee3 RF Module

I can’t find any solution until now