Is there any way to control the routing of XBee in API mode

I would like to control the XBee routing via API mode…is there any way to disable a router for routing?

You can only do that via the Zigbee protocol using the Source Routing function.

Can it be done using XBee product?

IF you are using the Zigbee versions of the XBee modules, the yes you can do that using the API interface and the Source routing function. See

but it doesn’t mention the way to control the route…

my project requires to control the routing of the node

do you have any idea how to do it?

You control the rout using API mode and a Source rout packet sent before the Transmit request packet.

does the route needed to re-establish everytime the source initial a data transfer?
or is it a one time job where the established route can be reused all the time?
besides, does the routing control applicable for IO sampling?

Yes, every time you send data, you will need to provide the source rout.

does the routing control applicable for IO sampling?

I don’t know. I have never tried that. I suspect you will not need to as the module will do that on its own for that function.

Can the router reprogram to become a end devices remotelly without using xctu?

That is nothing more than setting the SM command to a value greater than 0.