Is Xbee useful for small uav project ?

Hello everyone,I am trying to make an small uav project,I will have a ground control station(pc) and usb controller.The first xbee will be connected to pc and sends the usb joystick’s position to arduino on the vehicle,at the same time I need to read sensor values from the vehicle and graph it on the ground .Is that possible,I mean Can I do that with 2 xbee? or Do I need 4 xbee(2 of them for controlling 2 of them for sensors)?

It’s been done before by some people.

I would be tempted to use four units for continuous unidrectional streaming but then you may have RF interference having them so close by each other.

I would suggest you test this yourself because no one can tell you what your own data streams will look like.

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Thank you for your answer Sir,I will inform you from here, if any progress happens.