Two xbees series 1 sending to a third... is this possible?

I need to find out if I can have this setup using xbee series 1:
1 accelerometer sending two analog values (x/y data) without a microprocessor to an xbee attached to an arduino. I would need for two such accelerometer/xbee units to send to the same xbee/arduino so there would be a total of for pieces of data coming in from two seperate xbee sources. Is this possible??? If not should I stick with xbee series 1 and have two seperate xbees receiving data (one from each accelerometer/xbee unit)?

If not any recomendations on the best way to do this?

I am flexible but wanted to keep the sending units small so I was hoping to avoid having to have an arduino board at the sending end. The receiving end is different because I have space to do whatever is needed to make this work.

Hope someone can help… Thanks in advance

It’s perfectly possible. The XBee has 6 A-D inputs, so you could even connect three accelerometers to the same unit. You’d configure each sending XBee to sample and send at regular intervals, with the destination address of both senders set to the address of the receiver.

Line samples are always sent as API packets, which will contain the address of the sender. So you can receive and decode them, and know which XBee sent each packet.

The details are all in the product manual, and you may also find the cookbook helpful.