Transmitting received data

I have two XBee 1mW Chip Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4) that I got from Sparkfun, they are attached to two XBee Explorer Regulated shields, also purchased from Sparkfun. The two XBee’s are hooked up to separate Arduino Uno’s and then to Windows 7. One XBee unit also has a GPS and an accelerometer also attached to the same Arduino. I am using the X-CTU software to connect the two.
I have the two XBees talking to each other: I can type a message into the Range Test panel, start the transmission, and receive the message on the other XBee set up (the two XBee’s are identical, except the transmitter has the GPS and accelerometer hooked onto the Arduino, while the receiver end only has the XBee attached to the Arduino).
I have the desired code for the GPS and accelerometer on the Arduino and when the X-CTU is open, the data from those two units is displayed on the Receive screen of the Range Test page.
I want to take the data that is being received from the XBee with the GPS and accelerometer on its side, and transmit it to the other XBee; how would I do this? Can I do this using the X-CTU software (I am new to the software)? or should I utilize the Arduino software, or a different program to do this?

XCTU won’t be able to ‘automate’ the transfer, whereas the Arduino software can.