Sending GPS Location via xbee

Hi There!

I’m learning as I go along with this, so if anything is blatantly wrong I do apologise!

I have recently started a project in which I aim to send gps coordinates via two xbees, to display within the serial monitor in Arduino’s IDE. I have run the TinyGPS to test that the adafruit board works fine, and tested the xbees to turn a light on and off. However, I’ve not had any luck in sending the coordinates across the two xbees.

At the moment, I am using the adafruit ultimate GPS shield with an xbee shield on an arduino UNO, sending (or not sending) a signal to a second arduino with an xbee shield, wired up to my PC. I’m guessing that it may be an issue that they’re both vying for the same RX and TX pins - but I have no idea how to change that.

If it would be easier, I can attach the code i’ve been using so far?

Any help would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!

May I suggest starting by getting either two XBee interface boards (XBIB-U-DEV)and wiring up the GPS to the DI and DO of it to the XBIBI board. Then have the 2nd one connected to a PC both with XBee modules in them. If you have the proper voltages and lines connected, you will see the data show up in the Terminal function of XCTU.

The other option is to use a spark fun explorer board to connect the radio to a PC with and verify communications as listed above.