Can I read GPS data from remote XBee?

I want to send GPS data from my GPS Module to the RX pin of a Router XBee directly. Then send it to a Coordinator XBee then parse it with an Arduino. The problem is the GPS module is sending serial data. How can I read the data transparently from the Router XBee? And, how can I configure the XBee to always send the data it is receiving from it’s RX pin

I’ve tried using Router AT and Coordinator AT but it doesn’t work. Maybe I made a wrong configuration?

First off, I would not use a Zigbee mesh based module for this. I would use either the 900 HP in Point to point mode or the XBee 802.15.4 modules.

Next, if the GPS receiver is a 5V TTL device, I would use a 3V to 5V level shifter such as one from Spark Fun to connect the UART of the GPS Rx line to the Tx line of the Xbee module.

Then by using Transparent mode on the two XBee modules, you should receive your data.