Sending data from Serial Sensor through RX TX Xbee Pins directly

I’ve found this pH Sensor that outputs it’s data and also recieves commands through it’s RX TX ports.

I was wondering if it would be possible to hookup the RX (Sensor) to TX (Xbee) and TX (Sensor) to RX (xBee) and set the xBee in transparent mode, as to receive the data from the sensor directly as serial data.

On the other end i would have another xBee with USB Explorer hooked to a PC just fetching serial data.

Is this possible? Do the DIN DOUT (RX, TX) pins on the xBee are just for PC or Arduino hookup or can i hook em up to something else such as this sensor that sends and receive serial data?.

I’ve been using xBee in API Mode (Also AT Mode for the Chat Demo), with some analog sensors and digital ones but never came across a sensor such as this one that uses serial RX TX for measurements.

Thanks! Alan //

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