Need help desperately troubleshooting a very simple xbee setup

I could really use some help with some basic xbee seting up to see if I am doing something wrong or if some of my hardware is malfunctioning.

I own:
2pcs xbee series 1
2pcs Xbee Explorer USB
2pcs arduino fio
2 FTDI interfaces for use to program the fios
I also have an exbee shield (sparkfun) on an UNO

I have tried every configuration possible to get one xbee to send readable sensor data using D0 set to Analog or the arduino Analog.reading from A0 and Serial.printing the results… Nothing is working so far.

Can anyone experienced with arduino pass along a very simple sketch that will maybe use an xbee/fio to send say the number 123 to a second arduino fio w/ xbee attachment…

After about a month of trying I still cant even do that and its driving me insane!!!

Hope someone can help me with this…

Sorry, I have never worked with Arduino. Hopefully, if you google/web search for arduino and xbee you will find other people’s blogs and youtubes talking about what they did.

On the collector arduino, write a script that collects serial data streams.

On the xbee explorer, hook up the tx/rx pins to the fio’s rx/tx. Config the xbee with a shared PAN and a MY address of 0.

on the sensor side, skip the arduino, and use a voltage divider circuit on AD0 of the xbee.

Look at the xbee setup for the tweetawatt on adafruit.

I am a complete rookie with a seemingly simple setup problem.

I have pretty much the same stuff and the same problem as described in the original post I have 2 Xbee pro s1 modules on SainSmart Xbee shields running on Arduino Unos.

I have 1 Xbee/Aduino as a freestanding transmitter. The other Xbee/Arduino is set as the receiver and cabled to the PC. The idea is to use one as the data link from a solar powered sensor and the other as the data logger attached to the PC.
I used a simple default configuration (same data rate, pan id, channel). All shield jumpers are set to “Xbee.”
Using only a usb XBEE Explorer, I can use the receiving Xbee attached to the PC without the Arduino and shield. Using a terminal program (CoolTerm), I can “see” the correct data is being transmitted by the other Xbee. Therefor, I believe the “transmitter” is working fine since it is putting out the correct data.
However, when I use the receiving Xbee module on a shield on the receiving Arduino, I get nothing. Using one of the Arduino examples to display the value of a received byte, I get an “empty buffer” result - a "-1 is displayed.
I have no idea why this is happening