XBee Pro 868 and GPS UART communication


I need to connect an XBee Pro 868 with a GPS module,

Can I connect via UART? Then, from a remote XBee, connected to this and get the values of the GPS.

This is the GPS module datasheet:


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That GPS front end module is not a GPS module. It is a pre-filter and low noise amplifier (LNA). It is only RF related and has nothing to do with GPS connectivity.

Have a read of this here:

It is essentially the same but as what you are trying to achieve but is not 868.

Please note the 868 Pro module has been end of lifed. Any new designs should be done using the 868LP or XBee 2.4 range.

Sorry for the mistake.

I will use this model.


Is it possible to communicate with the XBee without a microcontroller or a microprocessor as Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

I have used the XBP24BZ7 series. With high-gain antenna but with XBee Pro 868 series I have more distance without high gain antenna.

Thanks for the warning. I will use for future designs XBee 868 LP series.

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It is possible to send data straight into a zigbee without a microcontroller but you can’t customise the messages or do anything with the data before you send it such as addressing it. You would be ultimately be building a cable replacement.

Have a look here as to how you would force an XBee to force all messages to another XBee.

The people who have built GPS devices like this before have used microcontrollers in their design. Such as http://www.digi.com/blog/maker/xbee-900hp-creates-a-mesh-network-that-has-the-power-to-save-lives/