Issue with Network manager configuration in yocto

I have a digi connectcore 8m nano SOM and I am trying to make a static eth0 configuration in yocto for the same. Following the instructions as specified in the official documentation

I have added the following lines in my local.conf

ETH0_MODE = “static”

During building the image, the following error shows up

| readelf: Error: ‘/usr/lib/’: No such file
| configure: error: Unable to locate the Jansson library
| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.

Inspecting a few files, depends on the jansson package (, however, there was no such file found in the sysroot-native.
Am I missing something here in the setup? or do I need to do some additional setup during the build?

What version of DEY are you using?

We are using dey 3.2 currently.

try sudo apt-get install libjansson-dev

just tried adding:
ETH0_MODE = “static”
to my local.conf and the build has completed succesfully

Okay. I’ll try this and let you know.
However, this should already be a part of the source files or part of the sysroot-native. Is this because of the older dey version we are using or am I missing something here??