Issue with XBEE PRO S3B on PCB - Need Assistance ASAP

We are reaching out regarding an issue we are facing with the XBEE PRO S3B modules that we purchased from Digikey. We have integrated these modules for telemetry purposes on our PCB, and we are encountering a problem with the new XBEE S3B PRO module that we acquired recently.

Specifically, when we use the new XBEE PRO S3B module along with the sensors on our PCB, the entire system freezes. However, when we use the old XBEE radio, this issue does not occur. We have three XBEE S3B PRO modules in total, with one being purchased last week.

The components in our system include:

  • MCU: Waveshare RP2040 Zero
  • Sensors: AHT20 temperature sensor, BMP581 pressure sensor, RTC DS3231, EEPROM, Openlog, IMU BNO055
  • Other components: 2 ESCs, a buzzer

We would appreciate your expertise in identifying the possible reasons for this issue. It’s crucial for us to resolve this as it affects the functionality of our system significantly as soon as possible.


I would suggest logging into and submitting a case for this issue. Make sure to include the full model number of the XBee modules you are working with.