Need help .. trying to connect the xbee S3B module to arduino

Hi everyone!

i’m following different tutorials on the web… and still cant get running my xbee S3B…

i’m configuring my module with a usb adapter … gravitech 3.3v adapter…

and im connecting just the module with 4 cables… DOUT >> DIN >> VCC >> GND to the arduino just like this example…

im sending just a string with the arduino to test the connection via serial

im wondering if my xbee modules are not working properly

i really appreciate if someone can help me!

If you can access your module on system when connected through interface board then this proves your module is fine.

Check port settings like baud rate, etc in both units and make sure that they are identical.

I too have xbee s3b that I haven’t been able to get working.
I bought a new zig bee adapter board to program the xebec from but I’m unable to get it to do anything once in xctu