It is possible to connect xbee3 to philips hue bridge?

Hello together,

I have to connect a xbee3 device (ZigBee Mesh Kit) to a philips Hue bridge.

After installing the XCTU it is necessary to configure the xbee3 right. But which configuration is the right one? In some forums I read, that is necessary to configure is as a S2C device? In other I read that it compatible now?

I tried different configures, but the bridge don’t found the xbee, and the XCTU do not found the bridge.

I’m new to xbee/zigbee and more than confused.

Thanks to all.


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Hi Pevloc,
I have a Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0 TH (Firmware version: 1007) and I managed to find the bridge in XCTU. My Problem: The bridge can’t find the XBee.
My config:
CE: 0
ZS: 2
EE: 1
EO: 1
KY & NK: 814286865DC1C8B2C8CBC52E5D65D1B8
AP: 1
AO: 1
SM: 0

I also found this blog with a solution for MeshBee (it works!), but I can’t transfer his code for the XBee.

I hope this brings you a step further. If you reach a breakthrough please let me know!


Hey, i managed to connect to the Hue and my XBEE is visible in the HUE App. Your XBEE is connecting, but you must first send ZDO Commands and after that the HUE Brige will ask multiple things.(As Example Color Mode, current Level; Zigbee HA Profile). If the Hue Bridge does not get the right Responses it will send an Leave Request to your Device. I won’t go further into Detail right now because my Software is far from Ready.

hello, as I read from your answer you could connect your XBee to Philips hue. i am trying to discover lights by xctu to control them through my XBee but the XCUT can discover the light, do you have any ideas what can possible the problem