Discovering zigbee lights

Hello, I bought a new xbee3, I want to discover and control the Philips lights by this module and the XCTU software. I plugged the XBee into the pc, Defined it as coordinator + these setting
“ZS=2, ZigBee-PRO Stack Profile
EE=1, Enable Encryption
EO=1, Encryption Options
AP=1, Enable API
AO=1, Explicit API Output”
I am trying now to discover the ZigBee light by the network mode with XCTU software but it can not find any lights.
what can be the problem with me?
thanks for help

NOTE maybe the light that I am using is ZLL, not Zigbee3.0 so the xctu software can discover just the ZigBee lights by using xbee3 or it is possible to discover the Zigbee Light Link lights

XCTU is not made to work with 3rd party Zigbee devices.

You may need to have some ZDO frames set up to allow the XBee and Philips devices to join.