Joining quicker before cyclic sleep starts


Does anybody know if it is possible to set the end device to start cyclic sleep after joining the network without external control device?

When a node is set to cyclic sleep, awake for 200ms and sleep for 4800ms, it often takes about 30 seconds long to join the network. When no sleep, it just takes less than 5 seconds. A coordinator and the node are placed 200mm close so it’s not a radio problem.

Cyclic sleep is needed to save the battery but it causes delay of joining. If awake time is increased, battery life will be shotened. I hope Xbee to have an option to keep awake until it joins the network, and that runs only one time after power on.

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There are SP and SN in an important command when using Cyclic Sleep.
It is necessary to set up these two commands by both of ROUTER/COORDINATOR which becomes parents of END DEVICE and END DEVICE.

Specifically, SP of END DEVICE and ROUTER/COORDINATOR and the value of SN are coincided.

ROUTER/COORDINATOR has child table and the latest child’s polling time is also managed in this table.

If SP and SN are not united, the administrative time by the side of ROUTER/COORDINATOR will pass the deadline, and will be removed from a controlled state.

Please read END DEVICE OPERATION of manual for details.

Hi Chobichan,

Thank you! I set both maximum SP=AF0 SN=FFFF. Now it works great! It won’t be too long for my use.

It still takes 30 seconds for the first registration though every node starts rapidly after that even once powered off.

It holds the node registrations for 1529 hours. It’s about 63 days. It means 191 days if coordinator is powered on for 8 hours a day. It keeps more than a half year.

Thank you very much!
This will be a good tool!

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I am not sure if I was mis-calculating but it started to take 15 seconds to start communicating every after long span, it is about 30 minutes… It’s fine in every 5 minutes or shorter. Coordinator is set to SP=AF0 SN=FFFF, I assume the longest time…