XBeePRO ZB modules: login time after sleep


I’m using a lot of ZigBee modules (XBeePRO) for a measurement network.

The enddevices are battery-powerd, so I send them to SM=1 (pin wake) sleep mode after TX. When I try to wake up the devices by activating the SLEEP_RQ line, it will take up to 2 seconds, that the modules wake-up. That’s too long…

Is there a possibility to reduce this wake-up time? The datasheet shows a time of about 50 msec to wake-up an module from sleep. (The enddevices are configured in AT-mode, the sleep request is controlled by the pins SLP_RQ and SLP).

Does anybody know, how many enddevices can be handled by one coordinator? There’s the need, to connect 500 devices to one coordinator.

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The version you are using for the end devices is the 2864? Yes, I’ve done tests and what you said I have confirmed, there is a delay. I would suggest you to change to the previous 2841 version, try this.
The maximum number of end devices that can add to the coordinator is 10 and router 12 end devices. You can also use routers in your network if you want to increase it without overloading the coordinator. Your network may have more than 65,000 devices.


thanks for your response!

I found an user option to reduce the logintime -> you can increase the SN and SP value at the routers and coordinators (per X-CTU).

If done, the coordinator will keep the listed childnodes in his adresslist - so there’s no need for a new connection procedure after wake-up (t= 3* SN * SP * 10msec)!

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