Key Mappings - Digi Passport 32 port

Hey everyone,

I have a Digi Passport 32 port term serv I use to connect to remote equipment. I am unable to access the bios on the equipment during boot up. When I hit DEL on the keyboard… it acts as though I am not hitting anything.

Are there specific key mappings for the keys or is there a way that I can map certain keys to keys or key combinations?

Thank you everyone in advance!

Wes S.

I would first verify that by taking Digi out of the loop and hooking up directly to a laptop/PC and thru something like Hyperterminal. Does DEL work then?

We use ^z (ctrl-z) to access our port menu. That can sometimes conflict. You can change the ‘z’ to something unused (not ‘s’ or ‘q’) and see if that helps: Serial port->Config->Host mode config->Port esc seq

If the above does not help. Please submit a case online so we can diagnose further:

I am not sure if I was clear in my message. I don’t mean the bios of the Digi. I mean the bios of the machine that is connected to the Digi. I am trying to find a way to pass the delete key that I am able to change the bios settings on the server that I am connecting to via the Digi.

No, you were clear. My earlier response was assuming just that. You have a peripheral attached to the PP serial port and you want to access the peripherals BIOS.

For example: On Cisco and Sun servers you send a break to access the BIOS.