Port Redirect

We have a mix of both Baytech TS and Digi TS in our environment. We are using the 32 port Digi Passport. On the Baytech’s, we are able to watch the entire boot process on our Linux machines. However, on our Digi’s we are only able to watch till the initial loading of the kernel and then the screen will not change until the login prompt appears.

The servers are all setup the same was as well as the two different TS’s (serial port configuration). Is there some setting that we are missing so that we can view the entire boot process on the Digi TS?

Thank you!

Wes S.

That really does not make sense. Anything output from the console port would not be blocked by the Passport.

If you take the Passport out and just connect a terminal/pc/laptop to the same Linuk console port, does that fully display?

It does fully display with connected with a laptop.

To look more in-depth at this please open a case through our online support request located here: