Digi CM

I have an old SunOS machine connected via a seriell port to a Digi CM.
When SunOS starts to boot it display what happens, but after a while in the boot process it comes garbage out on the console. Then when it has finnished booting I have good looking login prompt. I have tryed to change the parameters for the port, but nothing helps, it get worse.
What’s wrong?

You might want to try hooking a dumb terminal to your old SunOS machine, and see if you get the same behavior. Garbage of that nature typically means the baud rate or parity is changing somewhere, or there’s no flow control. Connecting a dumb terminal to the port will help you narrow down where that’s happening. If its happening on the terminal too, check the SunOS console port config. If not, try it on a different port on the Digi CM. Could be a defective port?

I hooked a terminal direct to the SunOS machine and it looks good. I hooked the terminal to the CM and it looks good.