No response from SunFire V280

What is the secret to getting the Digi CM 16 to access a Sun V280 in Console Server mode? I am using the 76000672 DB25 adapter and a regular straight-thru CAT5 cable. After successfully logging in to port, nothing happens on screen. Loopback plug test works fine. Is there a setting or parameter on the Sun to change?

It sounds like you’re using the correct cable adapter for the job.

I’m not sure what configuration has taken place on the Sun tty console port, but a good test would be to connect a dumb terminal to the Sun port and see if you get any information that way. If you see info from the Sun, you should be able to access it via the Digi CM port as well. If not, maybe additional configuration on the Sun needs to take place.

As far as the Digi CM port configuration goes, baud/parity/flow control must match however the Sun console port is setup. Since you could do loopback on the port successfully, it sounds like you’re almost there.