Digi CM and Sun servers


how can I connect Digi CM to my old Sun server with only serial port but no special dedicated console port? How to configure serial port on Digi and Sun machine?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure I understand the question. If the question is “is it possible to console a Sun server?”, the answer is yes. Here’s an article we have that may assist you to setup the Sun side of things:


Once the Sun server is configured to console out its serial port, you’d then connect this to the Digi CM with one of the console cables provided.

You would setup the Digi CM in the Serial Port configuration menu so its baud rate, parity etc. matches that of the Sun console port, probably turn inactivity timer on the Digi port off, and configure the port for how you’ll be connecting to it (ssh/telnet, user config/permissions, etc.) There is quite a bit of information on this in the Digi CM user guide, available here:


If you’re having difficulties getting this setup, you might want to call Technical Support or fill out an online support request.