What kind of cable of required to connect to SunFire V240.


I am planning to buy Digi CM 16 console server to connect to SunFire V240 serial mgmt port, is regular ethernet cable works?.

How about connection to RSC cards on SunFire 280R and 480R from Digi CM 16.

Thanks in advance.

If the Sunfires follow the Sun Netra RJ-45 pinout scheme, standard CAT 5 cabling should work just fine between the Digi and Sun RJ-45 connectors without modification.

You can find out some additional information on cabling with the Digi CM in chapter 17, page 143 at the following link:


i have connected sun v240 to digi cm32 and it is a straigh throw cable. you can prepare your own cable

Is this working for you or do you still need assistance? It sounds like you’re using the correct cable if the Sun is RJ45 as well.