Linux: dgrp: net receive: Sent Reset to node 03 - Improper Window Sequence


I have 4 etherlite 32s running off my Linux (RHAS4) server. They are being used heavily and I am seeing problems. In linux dmesg, I’m seeing the error:
dgrp: net receive: Sent Reset to node 03 - Improper Window Sequence

When this happens (i think, trying to find a correlation), everyone connected to that etherlite gets dumped off. This is causing serious problems.

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on, and how to fix it? Thanks.

I believe that may have been a bug. I’d recommend upgrading to the latest Etherlite firmware and Realport driver. If already using these, please contact Technical Support so this can be looked at in greater detail.

Yes, its very likely the EtherLite firmware.

The driver will toss that message when the Etherlite firmware violates the RealPort spec.

The driver assumes this is a fatal error, and will
abort the connection, and then reconnect.

Check to see what version you are on, which presumably
is a rev or 2 back.

You can get the current firmware here:

My guess is that you are probably on version 1.5,
from the release notes:

04/28/2004 - v1.5

  • Fixed the EL-32 firmware so that it flushes ports on close and does not miscompute window values. This bug was introduced with virtual ports in the 1.4 release;
    it only affected the EL-32.