Unable to update firmware on Etherlite 32

We have 4 Etherlite 32 units connected to a RHEL AS 4 machine. I’ve only been successful in updating 1 units firmware using dgipserv. The other 2 that I’ve tried all ‘time-out’ while waiting for a tftp response.

This same thing initially happened on the first successful flash until I actual changed directory to the newly compiled dgrp-1.9 software directory in /usr/src. Using the same method for the other 2 I have been entirely unsuccessful.

Anyone have any ideas at all?

2 of the remaining devices are at v1.4 firmware and the other is using v1.6.

One thing you’ll want to do, if you aren’t already, is to use the Windows version of DgIpServ. You can find it here:

The reason I suggest this is because the Windows version is newer than the commandline version found in the Unix drivers, and will have a higher liklihood of succeeding. I’d also recommend checking our Knowledge Base for articles having to do with upgrading firmware, as there are a number of them with some very useful suggestions.