Linux Drivers for AnywhereUSB


Do you happen to have any Linux drivers for the AnywhereUSB?



Unfortunately not, and I don’t believe that we ever will have. There are just to many variables involved (kernels/distributions,etc)

Of course if a specific opportunity presented itself I’m sure our product manager would take a closer look.

Would you like someone in sales to contact you?

Mike Swift

Another vote for Linux drivers.
We still missing solution for VMWare ESX 3 server running Linux Guests that need access to USB devices.

Any idea how to solve this issue ?

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Hi there,

Please update your e-mail address in your profile and I’ll have a sales rep contact you about this feature request.

email successfully updated

Please try it again. I’m not showing any information for your name or e-mail address.

Ok, fixed it. Try now!

Ok, so what is the solution?

Linux support for the AnywhereUSB is a feature request which we forward to our sales team. Please update the e-mail address in your profile and I’ll have someone contact you to discuss this.


Please, contact me - I still did not receive any info about Linux support for USBAnywhere

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll follow-up with sales right away.

Good day. There is something new about Linux Ubuntu Server and AnywhereUSB? I was thinking of buying, but I need to connect to Linux.