Little Endian

Hi all, I paid the stack from Green Hills to use with NET+ARM, but now I want use the naftpapp (NETOS/src/examples) to upload uclinux image to flash, but uclinux is compiled to little-endian and naftpapp to big-endian. I am trying compile naftpapp to little endian format, I recompiled the libs that it use, but exist same libs that goes not with source code. How can I do it? Where can I find this libs sources? Or, exist same equivalent to naftpapp? Thanks, Alan

Net+Os works by design in big endian therefore all the libraries supplied are in big endian format. There is no little endian support fro Net+Os at the moment. However what you can do at the moment is that first set your board to big endian and then follow the procedure below: 1) Power off the board 2) Set the 2 flash switches (FBANK1, FBANK2) to the OFF position. 3) Power on the board. 4) Open Multi2000 and load the NET+OS 4 naftpapp example application. 5) Before downloading the image, put a break point in applicationStart() in root.c 6) After the image is downloaded, program execution will stop at applicationStart(). 7) Set the FBANK1 flash switch to the ON position. The FBANK2 flash switch must be set to the ON position if the second bank of flash memory is used. 8) Continue executing the naftpapp example application. 9) Open the Windows FTP Download Utility (ftpdl.exe) 10) Download the Uclinux rom.bin image (to replace the rom image in flash). 11) After successful competition of the download, set your board to little endian and then reboot it, The board would boot with the new image stored in the flash.

My board have not FBANK1 or FBANK2, I am using: P/N: NET+DB-40T100 S/N: 994745 Cheers, Alan

In your case you need to set the FL to off to disable the flash.