32bit Flash at CS0

HelloWhen I set-up the Net+50 Development board for 32bit Flash at CS0 (by setting DIPSW CS01 to ON) the naftpapp fails to see the flash chips and I get the following error message: FTP Server not started Unable to get Flash sector size Check if flash is enabled What else should I change/re-compile ? I am using NetOS 5.0 and GHS 3.5 Thank you Regards Michael

Is your flash among one of the supported flash types or not if not you need to updated the flash table with. After this you need to build na1b to get that in affect prior to building your application.

I am using the Netsilicon Net+50 Development board. When I am setup for 16bit( i.e. 1 AMD 16bit flash part) all is ok. When I am setup for 32bit (i.e. now have 2 AMD 16bit flash parts) I have the problem Thank you Michael

Here is the complete picture. There two modes of operation that is 16 bit and 32 bit. If we are talking about the dev board which I believe we are that one has 4 flash chips installed each of which is 1M. As it is for 16 bit mode you can download an image size up to 2M provided that both flash banks are on - FBank1 and FBank2. Going forward if you would move Jumper P27/28/29 Pin 2-3 and SW 3.8 (CS00)=OFF; SW4.1 (CS01)ON you end up in 32 bit mode then all 4 chips are used which adds up to 4M total. Now the key point in here before downloading an image is to set the flask banks to 2 in bspconf.h file - to be located at :
etos\h\bspconf.h #define BSP_FLASH_BANKS 2 Following this rebuild the bsp and then rebuild the naftpapp and then load the image. Hope this clarifies all the confusion.

thank you -