FTP Error received after Flash Hardware upgrade

My application is developed using NET+OS 6.3 and recently I have updated the flash.h and naflash.c to support a new flash memory type SST39VF800A-70-4C. I have updated my platform rom.bin and the applications image.bin and programmed the target board using JTAG. Once the rom.bin was installed the application file was updated using the TFTP server once rom.bin was turned on. After this I attempted to update the application image using the FTP application. This usually always works,but this time I received an error ( 552 Requested file action aborted) Exceeded storage allocation. So I ran the natftapp application under the debugger to get more details and the following error message was printed to the terminal. " NAAppOffsetInFlash in the linker customization file is set incorrectly" The Application image must start on a sector boundry" I looked again at the flash.h file again and the defines appeared to match the data sheet. I’m not quite sure what I missed ??

sounds like the application you are running (naftpapp) does not recognize new FLASH on your module. please make sure you build it aginst modified BSP with updated FLASH files.
You can debug this also by placing breakpoint in identify_flash() function