Lockup at filesystem startup

I haven’t used my debugging system for almost a year. But I bricked a ME9210 and the recovery wouldn’t work, so I duplicated the problem with the ME9210 JTAG and hooked up the Segger debugger to see what was going on. It wouldn’t even get past the applicationStart(). I traced it to the filesystem_init() in the bsp. Of course everything is fs_api.c and below is in a lib file so I can’t figure out what is going on.

filesystem_init() at startfilesystem.c:286
naClib_fs_init() at clib_fs_intf.c:311
nat_fs_init() at nafs_intf.c:1307
init_volume_table() at nafs_intf.c:1225
NAFScreate_volume() at fs_api.c:1888
power_loss_recovery() at pwr_loss.c:58
check_directory_entries() at pwr_loss.c:1247
get_inode_block() at pwr_loss.c:2018

Anyone with ideas? I have customers screaming at me. NetOS7.4.


Hi, so where the app ends in the code? Usually when in have some hardcore problem is stuck around post led blink.