Long range RS232 WiFi connection with 57.6Kbps


I’m searching for embedded wireless module that can replace my RS232 cable over a long wireless range. I need an real throughput of 57.6Kbps. What range can I expect with Digi’s Connect Wi-ME or any other embedded module from Digi that is certified for Europe?

I would look at these devices for a long range serial cable replacement: http://www.digi.com/products/wireless/rfmodems.jsp

Yes that would work. But I need an embedded module, because the device that is to be connected is a mobile device and the module should be integrated into it (or at least portable by itself).
The range does not need to be several miles. Up to 1000 feet would be enough.

Ok, how about: http://www.maxstream.net/products/xstream/oem-rf-module.php

Sounds really good, but it has only a throughput of 19.2