long range video reception and transmission

Hello friends, I am trying to do a project by minimizing the cost. In my project, I need to send the video from the camera to a ground station, and take a 500kb video in mp4 format from the ground station to the microprocessor and save it to the SD card. Which modules should I use for this and which microprocessor should I choose? Thanks in advance for your answers

What country are you looking at deploying this to?

I will participate in an official competition held in my own country (Turkey), it does not have any commercial purposes

The longest range product you can use in Turkey would be the XBee 868 SX.

Since I will be participating in the competition, legal limits are not important, I need a module with high speed and a distance within 1km.

Light I have never heard of a competition that over rides EU and country specific regulations when it comes to RF. Especially when longer range products operating in the 900 MHz band (U.S. License Free) conflict with European Cellular carriers license bands.

I understand, but can I transfer files in mp4 format with Xbee modules? If so, how do I do it?

Light, The XBee module does not care what the data is. It can be text, or a part of a file. The importance is that the data is broken up in the proper size data packets and you have a way to re-assemble the file. That is, you would want to create or have some sort of protocol that keeps track of the packets and how to re-assemble the file. You would also want to have some sort of retry Ack system as well.