looking for Microcontroller

I am looking for a controller with the below specifications . The main criteria is low power consumption and low cost The other requirements are code memory : flash 8k data memory : 1k internal EEPROM : preferable power requirements: operational current: Range in micro amp quiescent current :Range in micro amp 5 . I/O pins : 11 6. current sinking capacity : 20mA 7. current sourcing capacity : 20mA 8. A/D converter : resolution : 10 bit No of channels :minimum 5 9. Operational Temperature Range : Industrial Range If you can identify a controller which suits the above requirements ,please contact me back with the details of available controller. JIM CHACKO Larsen &Toubro Limited, EmSyS Mumbai-72. Ph: 022-55054173 Mail To:ChackoJ@lntebg.com