losing control in xbee s2b

I use xbee s2b to operate 2 motors but when make the motors operate with their full speed i can’t stop them while when operating at low speeds they stop once i ordered it to stop


  1. I use an 11.2 voltage battery by using voltage regulator
  2. Using mbed microcontroller
  3. it works it works correctly when connecting the pc with the mbed directly
  4. it works when using leds instead of the motors corectly

thanks so much and sorry if their is any problems in my english :smiley:

hi mahmoudayyad,

that’s an interesting problem.

what does the specification sheet for the motors say?

I get the impression you are battery powering the s2b. Is that correct? If so, do you still see the problem if you seat the s2b on the digi prototype USB or RS232 board?


It could even be simple motor-brush noise. Can you in general tolk to the XBee at all when the motor runs?