Lost Traps SNMP

My program sends traps to an SNMP manager (snmp1) without problem.
I use the command for first: snmp_trap(SNMP1, SNMP_TRAPDEST, 1, 1, trapindices) .
But when I try to send SNMP traps to a second manager (SNMP2), lost the first both traps (usually ColdStart traps).
I use the comand for the second: snmp_trap(SNMP2, SNMP_TRAPDEST, 1, 1, trapindices) .
After that. I recive all traps sended to both SNMP managers but i lost the first traps.
I use RCM6700 and Dynamic C 10.72
What I can do?
Thank you.

Are you defining #define SNMP_TRAPS // This must be defined to support trap sending