LP3500 clock problem

I’m using tha LP3500 single-board to move two micro-motors, the problem is that I’m not getting the ideal clock, even when I compile the following code I get a clock of about 3.4KHz [I’m using powermode(1)]:

#class auto

void main()


digOut(2,0); //DIRECTION
digOut(0,0); //DIRECTION

while (1) //loop infinito
digOut(3, 1); //STEP
digOut(1, 1); //STEP
digOut(3,0); //STEP
digOut(1,0); //STEP

**PS: the documentation describes the LP3500 as a 7.4MHz single board, when in powermode(1)

Does anyone know how to get a higher clock??

You could try using assembly or setting the individual bits. There is a Bit write command in the docs.

This scrap of code will clock the output 1 of the bank PEDR quickly in a BL2000.

void Clock23Bits(void)
ld hl,PEDR
ioi set 1,(hl)
ioi res 1,(hl)

The #asm #endasm lets you enter assy code in the c program.

Note that the output will be fast at the processor and maybe too fast for the board output. You may need to mod the electonics (remove capacitor, decrease size of pull up resistor) if you want the output at the board terminal to go quickly. Not sure what this does to the protection.

i am use openocd with usb jtag based on ft2232 board layout usbjtag
and my mini arm modul with at91sam7s256
comunication betwen arm and pc via jtag seems to be ok
jtag chain communication without problem
if i write command flash info 0 chip was detected but master clock is 0 kHZ WHY??