LP3500 Analog Calibration

Hello and good day.

I’m using an LP3500 kit to read a signal from a sensor.

The signal is amplified using the internal PGA; so the normal behavior should be that at a low voltage (generally 0 volts) returns 0 bits on the converter and at the highest voltage (dependent on the used gain) returns 2047.

The problem is that when i measure the voltage and bits, I only get around 1800 bits at what should be the highest voltage, for example 5v; so if i want to get 2047 i would need like 6v.

I tried the samples that comes with Dinamyc C to read the voltages, used the calibration samples, I even tried giving crazy values and I still get the same results.
Tried with different gains, different functions and as a desperate option, a different kit fresh out of the box.

I’m running out of ideas so is time to ask directly to someone that may know…anything that could be of help.
Thaknks in advance.

Good afternoon, you tried the samples to read calibration, did you try the samples to re-calibrate?