LTH Sensor Firmware version 0x2ca7 ?

Have just taken delivery of a batch of the latest XBee Sensors L/T/H which appear to have firmware v 0x2ca7 installed but I can find no reference to this firmware release and its capabilities on the Digi site or forum so would appreciate a link to the documentation for this firmware release

What is the part number of your device?

I have the exact same question. I received six L/T sensors (PN: XS-Z16-CB1R). They have the 2CA7 fw. According to the release notes for the 2xA7 FW, I was expecting 28A7 as there is no 2CA7 in the release notes product table.

Yah, this bit me in the butt also! Had 8 units which XCTU won’t talk to.

For some reason they changed the temperature sensor, so if you use the traditional 28A7 you’ll see the wrong value. The missing files are working their way into support.

I’ll see if I can attach to this reply. Load it into XCTU by the ‘FILE’ button.