Make .mxi file from hex file

I am using XCTU to program my 802.15.4 XBees. I need to make an .mxi file out of my hex file.

The only .mxi I was aware of was a Macromedia extension.


Does anyone know how I create the file?

Er, are you really sure that’s what you want to do?

The .mxi files that relate to XBees are supplied with X-CTU and you’ll find the ones for 802.15.4 in the C:\Program Files\Digi\XCTU\update\xbee directory (if you installed X-CTU in the default location). They’re description files showing what parameters each AT command takes, and with descriptions of the commands. You can open them with a text editor to see how they’re composed.

You certainly wouldn’t create a .mxi file from a hex file, so could you perhaps be a bit more specific about what the hex file contains and what you’re trying to achieve?