makefile:25: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

Hi All,
I work with DigiESP (NetOs 73) and use a NET+OS Project.
After set Project->Properties->Project References to a second project in my workspace, I got the following message at the console view:
makefile:25: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.

The line in the makefile looks like follows
image.elf: $(PROJBSPBINPATH)/lib/libbsp.a $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) C:/WorkDigiEsp_chpLibs2/CHP_LIB/Debug/libCHP_LIB.a

The entry C:/WorkDigiEsp_chpLibs2/CHP_LIB/Debug/libCHP_LIB was added after set the project references like mentioned above. I guess the “:” is the problem, but for sure in a NET+OS Project the makefile is generated automatically.

What I have to do, in order to work with project references?

If you want to share code between projects:

  • create a seperate folder outside of your projects workspace (outside of the esp)

  • in the c/c++ view select the project name, then on the menu click on File -> new -> folder -> advanced button -> check the ‘link to folder in the file system’ and browse to the folder you created with shared code

  • repeat for each project you want to share code

If you want to add a library to your project:

  • select your project

  • right and go to project properties

  • C/C++ Build tab

  • Tool Settings -> Linker -> Libraries

  • add your library name (under libraries) and path (under search path) here

Hi, thanks a lot. It works.