web result fixed vs stub


I am very new to connect ME.

I have installed the development kit, that came along with it.

Its NET+OS7.5.

To begin with, I have a created a new project with default service settings which are web server, ftp server, cli telnet, tcp/serial transfer and ADDP server.

When I build the project, I get compilation error:

…/web/result/fixed/mesh/mesh_config_htm.cc:101: multiple definition of initializeMeshSettings' ./web/result/stubs/mesh/mesh_config_v.o:../web/result/stubs/mesh/mesh_config_v.c:241: first defined here /usr/lib/gcc/arm-elf/4.2.0/../../../../arm-elf/bin/ld: Warning: size of symbol initializeMeshSettings’ changed from 196 in ./web/result/stubs/mesh/mesh_config_v.o to 216 in ./web/result/fixed/mesh/mesh_config_htm.o
./web/result/fixed/mesh/mesh_fw_update_htm.o: In function getMeshFwUpdateInit': /cygdrive/C/netos75/src/bsp/cli/includes/Errors.hh:80: multiple definition of getMeshFwUpdateInit’
./web/result/stubs/mesh/mesh_fw_update_v.o:…/web/result/stubs/mesh/mesh_fw_update_v.c:213: first defined here

Seems like I have to select either of web result fixed or stub as there is multiple definition when both are included.

Pl. let me know how can I resolve it.


I believe you have updated all the patches…
you might have missed one pop up window.

:The following message pops up before the AWS patch can be installed.

NET+OS 7.5.0
AWS and Email Updates

Please note that Package Manager does not have the ability to remove files from your installation. To complete the implementation of the fix for case 36231 it will be necessary for you to manually remove ALL .cc files from the src/apps/DigiESPProject/web/result/fixed/mesh directory

Delete these files and you will be able to build…

Thanks Bob,

That helped, now I am to be build it successfully!!