Making Xbee Modules into RFID reader/RFID tag

Hi guys,

I was wondering, off hand, if anyone knows if it’s possible to turn a Xbee module into an RFID tag? I’m working on an automatic based system and need an ID to be sent out on specified intervals until it has entered a predefined zone that the reader (Xbee) can interpret/verify and then send out to a MC to execute some automation.

I know that these Xbee can transmit at pretty far ranges. By changing the ATPL parameter, I’m assuming, can reduce the distance between point-to-point tranmisson. I am looking for somewhere between 50-75’.

I’ve done my fair share of research and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. But, maybe I’m not looking in the right areas. I’ve gone through the Xbee manual a bit but nothing grabbing my attention. See some input on Node Discovery and such.

It would be nice to know if it’s possible, and get a simple ‘no’ answer so I can move on to just using an Active RFID tag/reader. I’m deviating from this option due to cost.

Thanks for your input.

IF you use an XBee 802.15.4 module (Non PRO) and the ND command, it should allow you to use in in a manner in which would be conducive to an RFID Tag and Reader. From the Read side, you keep issuing the ND command. On the other end, when you are in range, the module will respond to the ND request.

Thanks for the input! I will look into this further. I appreciate it.