Manufacturer test kernel module

Trying to change the state of GPIO5, I realize that it’s being controlled by the manufacture_test module. I’ve thought about removing the load of such module from init.d as I thought that it just verified some pin status. Then I’ve read the description line in saying:

“Description: load manufacture kernel module”

What is the purpose of this module? Could I remove it from my rootfs or is this something that has to be there?



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Platform = CME 9210

Well, I finally found out that this module just verifies the state of GPIO 5 and blinks a LED on the Dev board. I’ve had to remove this module because the CME could not read the correct state at GPIO 5 on my custom board and manufacture_test remained loaded, preventing the use of GPIO 5 from my application and, even worst, preventing the use of the REBOOT command from Linux.

Initially I thought in defining the System Type as “Digi Connect ME 9210” (… not on Devboard) but this generates a kernel unloadable by the Connect-ME.



In the following days we will post a new Hotfix package (HF4) which solves this problem by removing the manufacture-test module.
This module is for manufacturing purposes only and can cause problems on the cme9210js platform if not removed.

Hector Palacios