cc9p9215 not booting

Have now purchase 2 x cc9p9215 modules from Digikey and neither seems to boot. I’m guessing I have to add a boot loader, but how?
I’m using embedded Linux…

Ok, first of all did the modules boot before?
Or never booted?
Did you buy the modules separately or as part of the development kit?
What is the part number of the modules you bought? It is 55XXXXX-XX number on the sticker,
Do you have development board and are you testing modules on it?
Do you have a module that still boots so you know your development board is good.?
Is your Development board set to little endian (switch S4-1)?
do you have a JTAG debugger?
Is your serial port set to 115200?
Do the modules boot if you switch the board to big endian and set serial port to 38400?
Modules Digi shipps always come with at least a bootloader, however those modules come in 2 flavors - digi embedded linux (little endian) and Netos (big endian)
Once I know the answers I should be able make further suggestions.
you can also open a support case with request to investigate the issue online support request

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Hi Leonid, modules never before booted, bought from Digikey, part number (Digikey CC-9P-V502-C-ND) on the sticker on the module 5500-1306-01G.
Am testing the modules on Dev Board. Dev board works fine with existing modules. Set on little endian, 38400.
Do not have a JTAG debugger, can get one if necessary.
Will try big endian.

Follow up. Appears to boot in big endian, but I get “garbage” on the console screen. I guess this means I have the NET-OS version? Can I change this?

Converting a NETOS module to work with Digi Embedded Linux is not allowed.
You will have to purchase a new one. Or ask for a replacement.

NETOS boot logs will be visible in 9600 baud. DEL defaults on CC9P9215 is 38400…

Thanks for the info - I now see the boot logs @ 9600. Any idea how I can differentiate to buy the right part? These are sold through but with no identifier as to whether they are Net-OS or Linux.

Digi Part Numbers :

CC-9P-V513-LX - CC 9P 9215 8/16MB, Linux, w/o Ethernet
CC-9P-V524-LX - CC 9P 9215 16/32MB, Linux, w/o Ethernet

Looks like in DigiKey

Maybe you should clarify with DigiKey to confirm DigiKey PN

Okay, tracked it down! The answer is here:
For Net-OS use CC-9P-V502-C, for Linux use CC-9P-V513-LX or CC-9P-V524-LX which are 8/16, 16/32, Mbytes Flash/Ram respectively

Hi Dave,
Indeed like I’ve suspected you’ve got Netos modules instead of Linux ones. They can be converted to Linux, but i think you should rather return those and exchange them to Linux ones with proper amount of SDRAM and FLASH.