ME to RS485 hardware connection

I’m wanting to move from the development board to a prototype. I want to build a small board with power, Connect ME, presumably a RS-485 transceiver, to RS-485 +/-. Does anyone have a schematic for the most basic Connect ME to RS-485 interface?

Thanks very much for any help.

The CC 9P 9125 development board includes a RS232/422/485 design.
However, with respect to the Digi Connect ME on the software side, please also take a look at the RS485 related posts in this forum.

Thanks Miker–

I think maybe I wasn’t clear with my question. I have developed the application and have it working on the Connect ME on the Dev Board. I now want to move the Connect ME to a minimal interface which will have only the Connect ME I/O and RS-485 I/O. I need help with how to make the connections between the Connect ME serial interface and RS-485 +/-. Do I need a RS-485 transceiver? If so, how is it connected to the Connect ME?


Understood. The CC 9P 9215 RS485 implementation should help, though. The concept is the same.

Thanks again, Mike.

I’m sure you’re right. It SHOULD help. But for a guy who is challenged to do the software end, and who knows very little about the hardware end, it will be a major accomplishment if I can just get an interface board assembled, let alone designed, by myself. This is for a very specific use and I just need the RS-485 connection. It appears that because there are the other flavors of serial I/O on the dev board, there is a lot more circuitry there than I need. All that other circuitry is what’s hard for me to figure out and understand what is the minimal circuitry I need to make just the RS-485 connection.


I think this is what you’re looking for