me9210 debug

Hi, I’m working through the getting started tutorial with the ME9210 using the Digi ESP but I get a failure when I try to use the debugger. The message says "mi_cmd_env_cd: Usage DIRECTORY. It appears some directory paths are not set but I have no idea what to set. I’ve scanned for previous fixes but couldn’t find any. Thank you for your assistance.

install ESP. first update all patch, if not maybe some issues when you debug.
please click “package manager” and choose “open package manager”, then will find the patch and install.

Hi, Thank you for the quick response. I use the Package Manager to update the ESP but it did not fix the problem. The message says “Unable to set working directory. mi_cmd_env_cd: Usage DIRECTORY.”

Hi, I have managed to fix the problem. The name I chose was called “hello world” with a space so when the directory was created it used this name with the space. The space caused the change directory command in mi_cmd_env_cd to fail. Thank you for your assisance.

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