Memory Controller Module Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to map some memory address to my custom peripheral device ,using CS_L2.The device is used to control data output. The follow is my setting: monitor long 0xffc00030 = 0x01000001 ( cs2 base reg) monitor long 0xffc00034 = 0xfffff000 ( cs2 opa reg) In my program ,the system halt at the statement: #define DataoutAddr ((unsigned long *)0x010000001) *DataoutAddr = 0xa; Is there some example to expand custom peripheral device???

Are you sure, that this is your program? #define DataoutAddr ((unsigned long *)0x010000001) *DataoutAddr = 0xa; This defines DataoutAdr as unsigned long pointer to an ODD address. It is not possible to access multiple-byte-types at odd addresses with a Net+ARM. see SystemControlRegister MISALIGN