Memory usage increased with new ConnectPort firmware

I upgraded my ConnectPort X4 to the “new” firmware dated 30-Oct-2009 about an hour ago. I’ve been running Dia 1.1.15 for several months, but upgraded to 1.1.17 just before the firmware upgrade. There weren’t any significant changes in the Dia code that should impact memory usage. I’ve been logging free memory for quite some time, but finally started logging it when I saw that there was significantly less free memory after upgrading the firmware. See the graph in the attached image. Aside from upgrading Dia and the gateway’s firmware, I removed an NTP client driver from Dia, now that the gateway finally has built-in support for time servers; net memory usage should have gone down slightly due to Dia having fewer configured modules.

Given that memory is so constrained on this device, and that we’ve seen problems in the past due to low memory, I’m concerned that the base memory footprint of the operating system has grown so much. Before the upgrade, I was averaging around 781KB of free memory after running for days or weeks on end; now I’m down to under 400KB moments after Dia starts up.

… and it would appear I don’t have permissions to attach files.

I had some Dia downtime while I worked on another issue, and I upgraded the firmware around 10:25am.